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With this Italian Cooking Package, you will:
- Cook like an Italian
- Master 5 quick pasta sauces
- Learn to dice an onion & knife skills
- Learn to use fresh ingredients
- Get tips and secrets about authentic Italian cuisine
- Be inspired for your next trip to Italy to take an Italian cooking class or Culinary Vacation with Chef Guido
  1. FREE Recipe e-Booklet includes 5 Simple, Fast, Tasty Pasta Dishes Direct from Rome Italy
  2. FREE Step-by-step tutorial video on knife skills and how to dice an onion
  3. FREE Inspirational travel advice for your next trip to Italy

Chef Guido, born and still living in Italy has put together this Complimentary Italian Cooking Package as a way of sharing his favourite family pasta recipes and his passion for fresh local ingredients. The video that Chef Guido has selected for you is in answer to one of our clients' most frequently asked questions (FAQ) on how to dice an onion, and safely use a knife. Enjoy!


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Guido Santi
Guido Santi

Guido is an 8th generation Roman with a passion for cooking. “Every evening, I prepare food for my wife and daughter that has come from my grandmother’s family”, says Guido. “The secrets of these recipes have been passed down from my grandmother to my mother and now onto me. I want to share this love and passion that my family has always had for good food and wine with you. When I was young, my father used to take me around the Roman countryside on weekend excursions to locate the finest cheeses and wines. Baskets of fresh ricotta were prepared in front of us by the local shepherd and loaves of wood-fired sour dough bread were bought hot from the bakery. It was an incredible education. I still remember learning to recognise the different scents of wild herbs during our leisurely walks through the fields. To me, rosemary, sage, fennel and Roman mint are the distinctive scents of the Italian countryside”.

Guido has been a food editor for many years, during which he had the chance to meet the most celebrated Italian chefs and learn their secrets. He is fully bilingual and has been running cooking classes in Italy (the Sabine Hills and Tuscany), England (Cambridge) and Australia (Sydney) since 2001. He’s also passionate about foraging wild herbs and vegetables and would like to share his knowledge with you.

Guido's currently runs live, Interactive virtual Italian Cooking Classes and cooking parties. He also teaches Italian cooking classes to English speaking guests in person in his family home, just north of Rome in Italy. Guido’s cooking classes are much more than just a cooking lesson: he’s also a storyteller, always ready to share a story from Italy or tell you about the history behind a recipe.His cooking classes have an emphasis on the freshest food available in season, the balance of flavours and ease of preparation. His classes are relaxed, fun and creative. In fact, Guido believes that inspired cooking always comes from having fun.

Guido’s English language is perfect and, because he was born and still lives in Italy, he’s happy to answer any questions you have about his home country. When Guido is not teaching cooking, he is in charge of Rome olive oil tours and Rome Winery and wine-tasting sessions and running Convivio Rome Italian Cooking Holidays with his Australian wife, Sally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this resource for free?
Chef Guido wants to share with you some classic Roman pasta recipes that his family has always made. They are quick, tasty and fast and a great way to begin to learn how simple and delicious traditional Italian recipes can be.
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Yes, absolutely! In signing up for this free Italian cooking Package, you have agreed to put your email address on our Convivio Rome Italian Cooking Classes email list. We will keep you updated with all our latest offers, seasonal recipes and online Italian cooking classes, cooking parties, workshops and memberships. Your privacy is respected and we never share your details with a 3rd party. You are also welcome to unsubscribe at any time.
Do you teach Italian Cooking Classes in Italy?
Yes, we do! When you are next planning to come to Italy, please contact us and we would be happy to let you know all about Chef Guido's Italian Cooking Classes and Culinary Vacations, Olive and Wine Tours. For more information:
Do you offer Virtual LIVE Italian Cooking Classes and Cooking Parties?
Yes! Chef Guido offers Virtual online Italian Cooking Parties and Cooking Classes direct from his home kitchen, near Rome, in the Italian countryside. These fully interactive cooking parties and cooking classes are streamed via Zoom. You can organise a party of family, friends and/or colleagues to take this fun activity together. You choose the menu and the date and let Chef Guido HOST the Live Italian Cooking Party for you! More information: Chef Guido also hosts Private One-On-One Italian Cooking Class, connecting via Zoom to one household. The find out more
Do you have a monthly membership program?
Yes, Guido's Cook Club is a monthly membership for all those passionate about Italian Cuisine and Italian Culture. For more information about this club:

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